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How To Get Involved

As a member of ATCA, You become part of the ever-evolving development of solutions for global air traffic management.  Your access to ATCA's committees, publications and meetings will increase your awareness of today's aviation environment and current work towards improving safety, efficiency and capacity.


By joining ATCA, a non-profit, non-government, professional association, you will be supporting and organization that believes open communication is the best way to ensure progress in the global aviation community.  ATCA provides unlimited opportunities for participation and commitment to this ideal.


To maximize your membership opportunities, expand your professional network and have your voice heard, we encourage you to get involved in ATCA.


There are many ways to get involved:


Join a Committee.  ATCA has a number of standing committees you can participate in and we are always looking for new members to bring fresh ideas and experience to the table.

Listing of Committees

Get Published.  ATCA has several publications for member content.  From press releases and updates to peer reviewed technical papers ATCA wants to hear from you.


ATCA's Monthly Bulletin: is the monthly newsletter of the Air Traffic Control Association and is the perfect venue for members to provide current content of new services and products and organizational updates.


Journal of Air Traffic Control: published quarterly, the Journal is the place for more substantive articles relating to ATC operations, innovative concepts and applications of technology to ATC, public policy debates impacting ATC, commentary by noted aviation experts and policy makers, ATC historical material, and reviews of books and videos of interest to the aviation community.


Air Traffic Control Quarterly: Is ATCA's quarterly journal of peer reviewed and selected articles on air traffic control subjects.  This publication includes quantitative studies, results of original research, reports on innovative applications of ATC and related technologies, and analyses of ATC operations.  This publication is designed to serve as a resource for ATC engineers, scientists, research, and operations specialists.


Conference Proceedings: The Conference proceedings serve as one of the air traffic community's leading sources for technical papers.  They are part of ATCA's continuing efforts to provide and outlet for formal, academic and professional communication in the air traffic control disciplines.  Publishing your best work in the conference Proceedings is an opportunity to share technical, policy and procedural information with other professionals, academia, media, industry and others.


Click on any of the publication links for more details.

Should you have any questions please contact Marion Brophy


Volunteer:  From our Annual Conference to golf tournaments supporting ATCA's Scholarship Fund; ATCA holds a variety of meetings and events over the course of the year and is always looking for volunteers to help us in these endeavors.  Have the time and interested in Volunteering?  Contact Ken Carlisle to discuss volunteer opportunities and how you can help.